MSXdev'04 entry: Soukoban Pocket Edition

by snout on 29-07-2004, 23:29
Topic: Software

Although the deadline of MSXdev'04 has been extended to August 11th, new entries to this programming competition are coming in as the original deadline is getting closer. Today a game by Karoshi Corporation was completed:"Soukoban Pocket Edition. You can download the game as ROM or WAV from the MSXdev'04 status page. There you can also find a sticker, a manual and a set of extra levels for the game.

Relevant link: Robsy's MSX workshop

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By mars2000you

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29-07-2004, 23:49

I like thinking games and labyrinths ... so, this game is very interesting ... 65 levels + extra levels in an apart file !

For the blueMSX users, here's the magic line to add in the romdb.dat file :

D523BE9F mirrored Soukoban Pocket Edition (2004)(Karoshi Corp.)[D523BE9F]