MSXdev'04 entry: T-Virus

by pitpan on 10-07-2004, 01:51
Topic: Software

Another finished MSX game is now available at the MSXdev'04 contest list: T-Virus, coded by Dioniso, who also participated in MSXdev'03 with PENGUIN RACE.
T-VIRUS is an excellent shoot'em-up with cartoonish graphics, fast action and incredible music and sound. This one is difficult! You can download the game at the MSXdev'04 status website

Relevant link: MSXdev'04 status website

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By pitpan

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10-07-2004, 10:58

Ooops! I forgot to put on-line the instructions. Now this has been fixed. Enjoy!

By mars2000you

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10-07-2004, 12:13

To play this game in blueMSX, add the following line in the extern rom database (the file romdb.dat) :

E25102DA standard T-Virus

Great game (not easy !) and great PSG music ! I like it very much !


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13-07-2004, 10:20

I´ve just tested that game....

Nice work,Galaxian into a "checkered" space Smile
I hope you enjoy the final release of our entry on MSX Dev´04 called STRATOS.CEZ Games Studio will surprise you all...I Guess :-P

By dioniso

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13-07-2004, 15:24

"checkered" space.

je,je. It's true. I just wanted to code a "scroll" (it's not really a scroll, I know), but not the typical bi-coloured one but with any number of colours.

By ccfg

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17-07-2004, 00:39

Nice game, but maybe a little bit too difficult. Great intro music!

By dioniso

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17-07-2004, 04:33

Thanks! The intro song is about 2 minutes 30 seconds long.
Yes, the game is difficult. It has to be that way; it's short and fast. Still no one passed the 8 stages. I reached the 7th stage ... quite near Wink

By mars2000you

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30-07-2004, 00:08

For the blueMSX users, a little update :

- since version 1.6.0, "standard" is replaced by "mirrored"

- since 26 July, the game T-Virus has been fixed to prevent some compatibility issues.

For the new version of the game, you must add the following line in the file romdb.dat :

72B26927 mirrored T-Virus:Brain Dead! 2nd version (2004)(Mojonware)[72B26927]

By dioniso

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30-07-2004, 01:37

Hey, mate! You wrote 'Mojonware'! Ja,ja,ja. It's OK but I would have prefered 'Dioniso'. It's not important, don't worry.

Penguin Race: Mojonware #1
T-Virus: Mojonware #2
Gniffel for MSX: Mojonware #3.

I will send GNIFFEL FOR MSX to MSXDev'04 in a few hours. It's just a little dice-game, Gniffel, which I saw in Germany a few months ago. Another Mojonware -by the way, 'Mojon' it's a soft word in Spanish for ... SHIT (oops, sorry) ;-)