Multi Cartridge

by snout on 09-03-2005, 00:12
Topic: Software
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Marcos Daniel has sent us yet another useful piece of software: the Multi Cartridge. This ROM contains two of the software titles he previously released on the MRC: DSKPro and the EPROM Bits Reorganizer. Using this ROM (in an emulator, or burned into an EPROM or FLASHROM) you can start these tools any time you like from MSX-BASIC, using the statements "CALL DSKPRO" or "CALL EPROM".

The Multi Cartridge has been added to the ever growing MRC Downloads Database, which contains more than 600 freeware MSX releases. If you want to distribute your software, music or graphics on the MRC, please add it right here or contact us at

Relevant link: Multi Cartridge

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By fondacio

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09-03-2005, 09:49

Wasn't there already a MultiCartRidge (MCR), developed by Stichting Code...?

By snout

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09-03-2005, 12:01

you're right. It was a modem, debugger and memory mapper in one, right? I wonder if anyone ever actually bought one, as I recall its price was on the high side.

By Manuel

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09-03-2005, 16:27

Not a modem, you're probably confused because of the housing, which was the Telcom one.

Anyway, AFAIK it was a memory mapper, a printer spooler and a RAM disk. All RAM related.

By Grauw

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09-03-2005, 23:42

Yup, it was. I saw an advertisement of it in MCM recently. I believe at the time, the new 2 MB version went for about 700 or 800 guilders.