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by Latok on 14-08-2003, 23:30
Topic: Software

MSX has always been a computer which stimulates creativity. There is a lot of amateur software being created for the MSX system. tries to be a platform where developers and MSX users meet. For developers it is nice to know their work is being rewarded, for the user it's just cool as fuck to have new content for the MSX.

Here you have the reason why has set up a downloads section. In this section, you will find lots of software which is being distributed through in a legal way. Let's make it a success and fire up the MSX spirit we all still share.

What did we upload today? Here's a list:

A very big thank you to the people behind these software titles who agreed on sharing their work with the ever growing MSX community. Bare in mind has over 2000 unique visitors a day, at the moment!

We ask you, MSX creator, to join in and send your work to It doesn't need to be a complete game or demo. And it doesn't need to have the best quality. It's all about creativity, so don't hold back and share your pictures, musics and basic listings! It will be added to our downloads section and many MSX-ers will enjoy this, often new, content!

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By snout

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15-08-2003, 02:28

some very nice additions indeed! Maybe we'll see some of them back in the downloads top 10 soon Smile

By -Neo-

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22-01-2017, 15:08

Very old news post but I was looking for:

Imagine 1, a rare musicdisk with MSX-MUSIC from well known MSX games
Imagine 2, an enhanced version of Imagine 1

I can't find both of them. The links don't work. I looked in the download section in Demos and Music.

Anyone knows where to get these?

By mars2000you

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22-01-2017, 15:23

Actually, at the moment, only 4 links are working (Metal Limit, Boss, Mummy and Space)

For the TNI disks, the explanation is simple: TNI has forced MRC to remove these disks.

By -Neo-

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22-01-2017, 23:19

Ah ok, thanks for letting me know