PSGed v2 announced

by snout on 10-01-2011, 22:50
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Aorante announced that he started working on PSGed v2. This neat utility allows you to play around with the PSG registers in a nice GUI and offers a simple pattern editor and a sequencer, in which you can use 16 different patterns in 32 steps.

PSGed is distributed as a .ROM file on Google Code. In the future, the tool will be converted to MSX-DOS. The graphical user interface can be controlled by cursor, joystick or mouse. A complete user manual is available right here.

Relevant link: PSGed Blog

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By MsxKun

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11-01-2011, 12:44

Nice Big smile
When you have the knob thingy done, we have to talk to add it to the control devices of youknowwhat... Evil