PT3 Tools - Update

by snout on 26-02-2005, 00:28
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

About a month ago Vincent van Dam and Alfonso D.C. released a set of PT3 Tools for MSX. As of today, this package of tools has been updated. Here are the changes:

  • PT3PLAY.COM has been improved and is now capable of showing the song-length
  • PT2PLAY has been coded thanks to the code of Sergey Bulba. PT2PLAY offers the same options as PT3PLAY, but lacks the song-length feature for now
  • PT2BASIC.BIN has been coded as well. You can use CALL PT2LOAD, CALL PT2PLAY and CALL PT2STOP to load, play and stop playing .PT2 files

You can download PT3 Tools and many other MSX freeware releases from our downloads section.

Relevant link: PT3 Tools