SIDplay 0.3

by NYYRIKKI on 11-05-2010, 00:10
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We just added NYYRIKKI's SIDplay 0.3 to our freeware downloads database. This is a SID-player ported from Sam Coupé to MSX. Minimum system requirements are MSX1, 128KB RAM and a disk drive (MSX-DOS). To follow the discussion about this subject, have a look at our forum!

Relevant link: SIDplay 0.3

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By MäSäXi

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11-05-2010, 18:16

What´s the difference between .PSID and .SID files? From HVSC you usually get both ones for most (?) tunes, and usually they both will work on Sidplay (SIdplay for PC, I mean).


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12-05-2010, 21:58

did you relese a version 0.7?
Some videos on youtube show a newer verion of the player


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17-05-2010, 13:48

Forget the 0.7 It is practically same version, mostly internal changes that don't have functional changes. Unfortunately I accidently uploaded this older version, but there is no reason to update if you already have 0.3