Three new and last games Matra publishes

by ro on 02-05-2021, 16:06
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While the retro computer games publisher Matra is about to lock their boutique for good, they put three new MSX games on the shelf for sale.

The publisher Matra Computer Automations has just put their last games online, delivering three new MSX titles in cartridge format. Although, sadly, the company is closing doors, the boutique has its final sale. Until shelfs are empty, Matra sells the following new three MSX games:

Jewels is a puzzle action game in which the player must memorize the positions of 15 jewels on a board and, later, arrange the jewels in those positions.

Zombie Cavalera Prologue is a remake from the ZX Spectrum version, an action platformer. The graphics of this game are designed to look like Chinese shadows with a surprising original result.

Conclave of Darklord is a solo/multi-player blade action game. Cardinals armed with a photonic blade can slash anything in the world. Now six pretenders gather into the locked chapel to have a showdown. The artwork comes in no less than six different colors. Quite a nice tough.

All these cartridge titles come in the well-known Shockware sleeve, boxed and with full color cover and manual.

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08-07-2021, 11:40

A special Covid-19 edition of Conclave of Darklord is available here:

(This is a playable demo)