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by snout on 23-11-2003, 13:59
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Alex Wulms has open-sourced his Xelasoft utility XCC on SourceForce. XCC, which stands for Xelasoft Control Center, is a Norton Commander like tool for the MSX. The source code is released under GPL. If you want to improve XCC, get a Sourceforge account and provide Alex with your account name.

Relevant link: XCC at sourceforge

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By cax

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23-11-2003, 17:23

Heard about ND System by Igor Bocharov, a very good Norton Commander clone, with networking abilities ?

You can download it from Marat Fayzullin's site:

By Algorythms

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23-11-2003, 21:57

XCC rocks! I know Snake uses it every MSX day...