Gandhara English v2

by snout on 12-11-2011, 13:12
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Earlier this year, the highly productive MSX games translator Django released an improved version of his 2008 translation of ENIX's RPG Gandhara. Recently, another improvement of the translation was released. Although no exact details are available, it is likely that at least a part of disk 2 has been translated now as well. 

Relevant link: Gandhara English v2 on MSXblue

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31-01-2015, 08:30

Full english translation of Gandhara and other:


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31-01-2015, 08:46

Omg! Your site is awesome! How many translated games !You did an incredible work!
Thanks for sharing!

By Akiguchi

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31-01-2015, 10:00

Great work Django! I've been looking at your site for some time searching these translations and now it's back! Thanks! I'm going to donate you a small amount of euros for your work. Smile


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31-01-2015, 11:20

Thanks for donate.

My website is under construction,
I shall put regularly other translations.

By Detrane

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08-03-2016, 04:17

There is Gandhara web site with complete translation: