Snatcher Portuguese 0.2.1

by snout on 06-08-2002, 02:25
Topic: Translations

Source: MSX Mailinglist

After a period of silence, a new beta-version of the translation of Snatcher has gone public.Updates this time

  • 'ACT1' graphic translated to "ATO1".
  • A weird bug on stats text display corrected.
  • Disk 1 texts 100% translated.
  • Disk 3 texts 100% translated.
  • First talk with Napoleon on Video Phone translated.
  • First visit on Altamila Square translated.
  • First visit to Gilian's home translated.
  • Disk 3 Video Phone translated.
  • First talk with Jamie on Video Phone translated (Disk 3).
  • Opening graphic (Cyberpunk Adventure) translated (Aventura Cyberpunk).
  • First visit to Gibson's home translated.

Next step... Outer Heaven.People who are waiting for the English translation still need a lot of patience, but when the Portuguese project is finished, an English version will be relatively easy to make. On the Snatcher Translation Project website, you can find the current version for download, as well as some screenshots.