Dennis Hemmings interview (Konami UK) goes Japanese

by snout on 14-10-2005, 23:27
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The Japanese blog of Vorc webmaster Hally has been updated with a Japanese translation of the Dennis Hemmings interview. Earlier this week, the interview was published on MSX Games Box.

Relevant link: Hally's Blassic 8-bit/16-bit blog

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By Hally

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15-10-2005, 02:07

well, it's not a complete translation but just an explanation of the interview having translated quotes. anyway thanks mrc team for the rewarding interview!

By BiFi

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15-10-2005, 14:40

MRC only reported about it, they didn't do the interview themselves.

By djh1697

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14-10-2015, 18:53

I think that Dennis is dead (sorry if you are reading this Dennis!) both myself and Mark Smith have being looking for him. I am sure that he would not mind it getting translated. I certainly don't mind. I am awaiting a reply from Mark Smith with his interview Smile

By Manuel

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14-10-2015, 21:44

djh, do you realize you added a comment on a 10 year old post?

By djh1697

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14-10-2015, 21:47

Manuel, that is why i am not "ascended" like you?

By djh1697

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18-10-2015, 23:51

Today marks 30 years since I bought my first MSX, a Goldstar FC200 for the amazing price of £179.99! The cheapest MSX at the time.