El Capitán Trueno dossier at PassionMSX

by Ivan on 10-06-2009, 23:20
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The French MSX website PassionMSX has been updated with a dossier on Dinamic's platform/action game El Capitán Trueno. The dossier contains a lot of background information and screenshots. Long time ago the map of the game was published on Neon Nights.

Relevant link: El Capitán Trueno dossier at PassionMSX

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By cidra

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12-06-2009, 17:15

Great game.
Specially the first part.
I used to play it a lot.

Here's a suggestion: how about a Capitán Trueno Remake for MSX2 or so?

There is (or was?) a project for a remake for PC:

And a PC game, with isometric style:

By JohnHassink

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12-06-2009, 20:53

Shame on me for not knowing this game yet & God bless MRC.