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by snout on 17-08-2002, 22:03
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A massive list of updates on HansO's MSX web site this month:The changes, as posted by Hans on comp.sys.msx are:August 2002 additions to my website:

  • Dynamic Publisher was not only released on MSX but also on MS-DOS. If you have the right (old...) videocard you can enjoy this PC version of Dynamic Publisher!
  • Sources of Termtype and Sysgen, the SVI 738 Xpress CP/M utilities, commented by Luis Claudio Grosso
  • Updated version of the VG8235/00/02/19 service manual
  • New version of the VG8235/20/22/29/36/39 service manual
  • Repair method of the VG 8235/00
  • Repair method of the VG 8235/00/02/19
  • The complete dutch book Grafische Experimenten voor MSX Computerspart 1 and part 2 (Beeldbewerkingsproject) published here with permission by the author W.H.M. van Dreumel
  • Two programs to help write inline code for Turbo Pascal:
  • INLINE program by J.A.C.G. van der Valk to translate REL files to inline made with the M80 macro assembler: Pascal source and program
  • INLASS, a Z80 macro-assembler that generates inline code (also 8080,8086 and 6502 cpu supported): Pascal source and program, documentation
  • A Turbo Pascal program with source to show inverse characters on screen 0 and 1
  • A Turbo Pascal program with source to split a text file or Wordstarfile in two columns per page
  • Updated and corrected version of How to convert the SVI 738 XPress toMSX-2 with english translation
  • Updated magazine section
  • Updated DIY section with magazine pointers
  • Updated Pascal articles section
  • Updated Sources section with Pascal programs by me