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by wolf_ on 14-11-2008, 12:39
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Karoshi member and MSXdev co-organizer viejo_archivero has created a topic on his forum with an overview of games he is or was working on. Some of these games may get finished, others perhaps not. But whatever the state of these games: they're an excellent study for anyone who is even remotely interested in MSX1 graphics and design: the quality is remarkably high.

Relevant link: Karoshi Corp - viejo_archivero's projects

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By muffie

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14-11-2008, 13:25

Gee! Besides the fact that you're supporting Slotman's buggy conversions... Congratulations!!
All of your projects look great!

By Huey

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14-11-2008, 14:05

@Muffie: That Slotman thing is becoming quite some fulltime job.Smile2 (sih)

By viejo_archivero

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14-11-2008, 16:16

Ehum... muffie, I support anyone wanting to make things for the MSX, even those who make conversions of games already converted Tongue. So I support both SLotman and you, any problem? Wink. And, going back on topic, dunno if it worths the newtopic, but anyway, as the wolfie said, one of the intentions of publish those shots is for people to get ideas of graphics or concept designs of games that can lead to a full new project. As I will become father soon, I don't know how much time I will be able to spend on MSX, so I think those images are better there than hidden in my hd. Anyway, Running Naked in a Field of Flowers!

By wolf_

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14-11-2008, 16:58

I'd say it was worth a newspost, maybe it's strictly speaking not 'news', but it's at least interesting for designers.. let's label it a notification-post Tongue

By muffie

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14-11-2008, 18:42

Welcome to the father's world. I have two boys: 6 and 3.
BTW, I was not able to understand correctly. You'll release the graphics in order to allow other ppl to create games based on them, because of yours "possible" lack of time related to the new born?
That would be great!! would allow a lot of coders that normally can't produce a game due to their inability for graphics and music, to launch interesting stuff.

And, thanks for the support. I was not porting "already converted" games, I was porting "not freely available" conversions.

By viejo_archivero

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14-11-2008, 19:19

well, that's mostly for the second group of mockups. The first group are from wip projects from karoshi so we are actually workin on them Wink anyway it could be nice for devers to watch them in order to get some design ideas for their projects.

By MäSäXi

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14-11-2008, 19:43

Congratulations for becoming a father, Viejo! Smile

Do you know what?

Now you have a hellish job to do to finish ALL your unfinished projects BEFORE your baby(ies?) born, as after that you surely have NO TIME for years.... Tongue Or if you have time, you are too tired... Tongue at least if you are going to be good father by taking part in nursing your children. Smile

Have you talked with your spouse already about that you start to teach MSX BASIC and Z80 assembler to your kid(s) as soon as they get old enough? Tongue Just say to your spouse, that otherwise you don´t have enough time to program MSX games...! Tongue And besides you can always say to your spouse, that it´s nice thing that father and children have same nice activities and by doing so, and by doing so, you can take care of your children all the time and when they all are writing code and making graphics with you, you can be sure where your children are, that they are not doing anything bad in the streets! Smile

Viejo, if your wife don´t allow you to program games because of nursing, maybe you can try to "cheat" her by designing and programming lovely children´s games!! LOL!TongueWink I guess now we have a chance to get definitely the best looking MSX children games ever which pushes MSX to the limits!!!! WinkTongue

And again, congratulations for very nice looking consept games!! Smile

By the way, you really love italian cars, as you have TWO game consepts based on italian cars! Smile

FINAL LAP has Fiat Unos Tongue and then there´s game called Fiat RITMO FEVER! TongueWink

By Ivan

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14-11-2008, 20:10

I do like a lot the screenshots of Columns, Toki, Green Beret and Karoshi Xtreme Tennis. Amazing graphics!

By viejo_archivero

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15-11-2008, 09:12

Thnx MäSäXi (and all) for the feedback!, we are still waiting for the baby (he is delaying already!), but it is a matter of days! /me anxious! anyway, I hope you enjoyed the shots and studied them a bit to get tricks from here and there Smile

By only_69

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16-11-2008, 02:13

Congratulation for the graphics. Great, great, great graphics. LOL!

By viejo_archivero

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17-11-2008, 11:12

Konamito has just build a little "which one would you prefer to be made" poll. It will be pretty interesting to check the results.

By cesco

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17-11-2008, 18:23

*sigh*... Dynamite Dux has disappeared from that list Crying

By JohnHassink

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17-11-2008, 23:54

viejo, for me it's impossible to choose!

Most of them I want to play NOW! Smile

I'm absolutely stunned by the graphics!