MOAI-TECH #12 online magazine

MOAI-TECH #12 online magazine

by Pac on 29-01-2023, 15:53
Topic: Websites

MOAI-TECH is celebrating its 25th anniversary! The magazine features a variety of articles including several game reviews about the latest releases, opinion articles, interviews, and a tips & tricks section. It also includes a complete media player and launcher for MSX game music, videos, screenshots, covers, and games via WebMSX. Note that texts are written in Spanish language only.

Software reviews:

  • Bufonada
  • Angelic Warrior Deva
  • Future Disk 46
  • Pampas & Selene
  • Lilly's Saga
  • La Sorpresa
  • Sky Jaguar 2


  • Moo Niitani (Compile). The interview in Japanese language is also included.
  • Arnaud de Klerk (The File Hunter)
  • Robert Vroemisse (Deva)
  • Pål Frogner Hansen (Lilly's Saga)
  • Koen Dols (Future Disk)
  • Moh Idrei (MSX user & musician)

Relevant link: MOAI-TECH #12

Comments (3)

By Bengalack

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29-01-2023, 17:15

Very happy to be part of this Smile Wonder if I should be on the interviews-list above too? Big smile And Koen Dols?

By Pac

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29-01-2023, 18:41

Sure! after reading the magazine I realized that those interviews were also included... not in the interviews section BTW, that's why I didn't add them. Now, fixed! Wink

By mesiasmsx

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29-01-2023, 19:08

Interview with Moo Niitani is also in japanese.Please some member can fixed in mrc japanese the interview?