MSX Neon Nights - Server move and updates

by mars2000you on 31-05-2005, 21:58
Topic: Websites

Another Brazilian site with maps of MSX games has moved to the domain. To celebrate this change, MSX Neon Nights presents a very complete walthrough of one of the best MSX games: Knightmare II - The Maze of Galious, released by Konami in 1987.

Apart from this map, the following maps have been added to the MSX Neon Nights website as well: La Espada Sagrada (Topo Soft - 1990), Game Over (Dinamic - 1987), Hundra (Dinamic - 1988), Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan (Dinamic - 1989).

Relevant link: MSX Neon Nights website