MSX Solutions: La Corona Encantada

by wolf_ on 30-07-2009, 00:18
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Yes, he's definitely on the move, where does he get all the energy from? Brazilian mapmaker only_69 will soon be given a place in history books, on the same page where Columbus, Marco Polo and Lewis&Clark have their paragraphs. Before this ceremony begins, we can enjoy his latest output: a map of La Corona Encantada! Unless you've been living under a rock, you can't have missed the media attention this game has gotten in recent times. This map shows you what all the fuss is about!

Relevant link: MSX Solutions

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By viejo_archivero

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30-07-2009, 06:11

Oh, you managed to finish it with the real ending! Thumbs up, I hope you've enjoyed the game, keep those maps coming! Smile

By ro

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30-07-2009, 08:42

One would think that now 69 has a an offspring to take care about he wouldn't find the time to do any mapping the next years... what a surprise it is checking his latest uploads. great!

By cidra

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30-07-2009, 14:15

only_69 is the real Rapidão Cometa...

Great work, once again.

By JohnHassink

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30-07-2009, 14:18

Yes, only_69, I only saw lately on your site about the good news.
Congratulations! And keep up the good work.

By only_69

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30-07-2009, 17:32

Jon, the game is really fantastic. Keep them coming!!! LOL!
Remember of those good konami games!!!
Demonseed, they are, at first, all a gift for my little son!!

By hap

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31-07-2009, 19:15

Hmm hmm hmm, how about mapping Caos Begins, mr 69? Big smile

By only_69

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31-07-2009, 23:24

hap, The one which is at msxdev site is the updated one? If not, please send me the newest one - msxsolutions at gmail dot com.

By hap

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31-07-2009, 23:40

Ah, I just noticed that it's already been mapped in a paper (not free) magazine: shouldn't stop you from doing it though :P

I don't think the updated one is available for free, just on cartridge, and I don't know what's new in it. If the updated one is never meant to become a wide release, it'd be more useful to map the free msxdev one, since more people will be able to use it.