Penguin Adventure - YouTube review

by snout on 13-04-2011, 13:00
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Source: YouTube

Last month, Strafefox caught our attention with his Maze of Galious review. Earlier this week he issued a second MSX game review in the same nicely edited style. This time, strafefox takes an in-depth look at the 1986 Konami classic Penguin Adventure. For those who appreciate strafefox's videos the recently published best of Konami MSX games montage is worth a look as well.

Relevant link: Penguin Adventure - YouTube review

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By Maggoo

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14-04-2011, 21:27

Kuddos, nicely done !

By JohnHassink

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15-04-2011, 09:26

This is some great stuff!
Too bad about the music being recorded on 50 Hz frequency, but can't have everything in the world. Smile
But I think the contents and the way it looks = awesome.

This older review (of Antarctic Adventure) by "The Arabian Gamer" is pretty nice as well:

By FiXato

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21-04-2011, 00:15

Vampier did a TAS attempt earlier this week which is currently being discussed and judged.

By snout

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21-04-2011, 10:47

Tough crowd, those TASmaniacs.