asMSX version 1.0 beta

van fubukimaru op 06-12-2020, 11:04

asMSX is a Z80 cross-assembler for MSX, originally developed by Eduardo "pitpan" A. Robsy Petrus and now mantained by the asMSX team. This project is based on GPLv3 code release by Lucas "cjv99". MRC wiki has an entry for asMSX.

The included file has the windows, linux and osx versions of the cross-assembler.

Version 1.0 beta released the 01/12/2020 includes the following improvements:

  • Finally the NOP bug has been fixed. This is the main reason we go to version 1.0 beta.
  • Multiline C-like comments now don't print "/" or "*"
  • Changed strcpy to strncopy for safety and to safe_strcat. This prevents overflows in arrays.
  • Debug msgs are redirected to to stderr (--vv)
  • Clarified the warning message of bit overflow on values
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Check out the new version! :D