MSXVR competitor Mega65 in pre-sale now.

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Door hamlet

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30-09-2021, 18:48

Like in the glooming 80s, our beloved MSX got another competitor in the ring:
The not so bad looking Mega65, a high-specs loaded C65 re-build, powered by 3 FPGA and driven by a fully open source system.
Price is devil: 666,66 Euro plus VAT and shipping.

The first batch with 400 was sold in a few hours. This batch is guaranteed to be delivered before christmas. The second, 1000 pieces batch, is still counting and will be at your home before march, 14th.
It sounds like a quite interessting system. What do you think? Would it be a reason to have a look over the MSX horizon?

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Van santiontanon

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30-09-2021, 19:01

Very curious looking!!! (and very 80s Wink) Is it common to have the floppy drive facing forwards? I had always seen it facing sidewards.

Van hamlet

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30-09-2021, 19:32

It is not an Amiga, which had the drive sideways. This is a rebuild of commodores C64 sucessor, the mysterious C65. It was only build between 300 and 1000 pieces, most in different prototype states.
The Mega65 team did a gorgeous job, developing this machine the last eight years. It has the original C65 mode and of course supports the GO64 command. Wink
Lucky to see a floppy drive build in.

Van raymond

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30-09-2021, 19:54

Hmmm, I do not like the FDD on that location. It looks like your hand is going to hit it when typing on the keyboard. I will keep it with my MSXVR Big smile


Enlighted (6935)

afbeelding van ARTRAG

30-09-2021, 19:57

At the same price you can have two oculus quest 2 with 128GB and some VR games...

Van ToriHino

Paladin (855)

afbeelding van ToriHino

30-09-2021, 23:13

santiontanon wrote:

Very curious looking!!! (and very 80s Wink) Is it common to have the floppy drive facing forwards? I had always seen it facing sidewards.

Well we did have MSX machines that had the floppy drive facing forwards as well...

Van timbru

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01-10-2021, 09:29

Happy with my MSXVR Wink

Nice that they are doing this in the commodore scene. But, I think a stronger competitor in the MSX scene would be something like an SX2 built into a console with a nice keyboard, like the VR has - and which I am also happily using now on my mac during daily work. Or well.. I don't know, but that would be my guess.

Van gdx

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01-10-2021, 09:31

I did not know the "C65" (or C64 DX). Shocked!

The Mega65 is a great success in terms of design but that is still expensive for a C64 DX.

It would have been interesting with an Amiga mode.

Van hamlet

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01-10-2021, 09:41

There will be an Amiga core fore sure, as an ST on, too. It would even be powerfull to emulate 32bit 68k systems. Let's see what the community will do. the system is (unlike our MSXVR) open source...
The DX64 was meant to be a completely different beast. It was a double disk prototype of the SX64, an early portable C64 with drive an d monitor build in.
Only few D(ouble)X64 was build, 'guess the ernormous heat of two 1541 stabled togheter was the main problem.
The final price is higher than announced in the beginning, but MEGA64 is a non-profit project.
And with finally 1400 pieces, this item will not gain mass production.
I remeber our MSXVR was announces at 300 Euros. At the end mine wasn'nt much cheaper as this C64 clone. But mine included a joystick. Wink

Van syn

Prophet (2123)

afbeelding van syn

03-10-2021, 16:20

this looks like a great project.. i dont like the floppy at the right side design though Big smile .. im debating buying one right now

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