The 2021 christmas quiz!

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Door hamlet

Scribe (4113)

afbeelding van hamlet

29-11-2021, 21:04

Wonderful to welcome you to the fifth Great Christmas Quiz this year!

Nice that you are back again!
Also this year we will have a lot of fun together; for 24 days we want to entertain with varied questions.
We have tried to design the questions in a balanced way, but it will not be a Sunday afternoon walk to the winner's podium this year.
But also this year, skill and luck should balance each other out: We are sticking to the scoring system of last year:
Each correctly answered question is rewarded with one point; each total point increases the chances of winning the prize draw at the end of the quiz.
We are especially proud to present again numerous questions that users of our community have already sent in.
Of course, new contributions are still welcome: especially more musical questions are wanted!
Send us your suggestions to DIEANTWOORD@GMX.NET
Answers for the daily quiz will be sent to the same address.
The winner will receive the Lootbox 2.0 after the end of the contest; the next in line will be ranked by points.
If you want to contribute to the lootbox, let us know. You will make a lot of people happy, for sure!
So let's start with day one on wednesday!

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Van TheKid

Paragon (1238)

afbeelding van TheKid

29-11-2021, 21:08

Yeah, looking forward to it. Love this quiz.

Van tfh

Prophet (3492)

afbeelding van tfh

29-11-2021, 21:21

Same here! Looking forward to it as well Smile Smile Thanks to the MRC crew (or better: Hamlet) for organising it again.

Van dan

Champion (262)

afbeelding van dan

30-11-2021, 06:48

today is going to be a long day waiting till tomorrow

Van Jipe

Paragon (1631)

afbeelding van Jipe

30-11-2021, 09:31

Ready for go Smile

Van ray2day

Paladin (761)

afbeelding van ray2day

30-11-2021, 09:47

Bring it on! Cool

Van ren

Prophet (2061)

afbeelding van ren

30-11-2021, 21:35

But will there be Arnold? 😂

Van hamlet

Scribe (4113)

afbeelding van hamlet

01-12-2021, 05:55

Day one.
Let's power on!
From which machine is this key cap taken from?

Please send your answer until 0:00 GMT/UTC +1 to

Tomorrow is all about software, so if you're not the hardware guy - your chance may come!
We also received nice guest quests from Defdanny, dan, tfh, TheKid and Sander Niessen; stay tuned!

Van TheKid

Paragon (1238)

afbeelding van TheKid

01-12-2021, 08:35

yes, and we are off! First question immidiactly sets the bar for what's to come Smile Send in my answer. Fingers crossed.

Van gdx

Enlighted (6636)

afbeelding van gdx

01-12-2021, 08:57

It looks like the underside of a big key with an LED.

Van tfh

Prophet (3492)

afbeelding van tfh

01-12-2021, 09:07

I think i've found it as well Smile

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