Looking for a dutch MSX game: The Castle

Door mais1976

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29-04-2011, 16:52

After downloading the PDF Dutch MSX-club magazine 24 from the site of msxlegend, i noticed a game on page 43, that i really wanted to have when i was a kid.

It's called "The Castle".

Somehow I can't find any info about this game. I can only find info about the game from Ascii

I also can't find more info about the game on generation msx.

Does anyone know more about this game and where i can find it.

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Van JohnHassink

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29-04-2011, 19:43

I think it was a game created with the Game Builder.
You couldn't attack or anything, just walk around and solve 'puzzles'.
Well, not really puzzles, only that every room would have something (or two things) attacking you, like traps or enemies, for which you would need to equip a certain item to pass them by.
Every trap/enemy would require a different item.
It was a quite simple, straight forward game, actually.

A similar game IIRC was something called "Delta Force".

Van robertwilting

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29-04-2011, 20:38

Look for the game builder. The castle is supplied with it.

Van mais1976

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02-05-2011, 09:38

Thanks guys,

Does anyone know where i can get a copy of the game builder or the mccm millenium disks? They are difficult to find.

Van imqqmi

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21-04-2017, 13:31

I've tried finding it myself but it seems no one offers it for download. I've been busy transferring my old floppy disks to disk images on PC and came across my old copy of a magazine. The image transferred fine and runs ok in BlueMSX.
You can download it here:

The label says (for those who are interested in archiving it):

Game Builder

met The Castle als

Dit is MSX Club Productie 36

Please note that I may have made changes to the game in the past, I have no way to find out if the files on the disk are 100% original. I remember messing with the _SPEEDIN function, which speeds up certain basic commands by -A LOT-. Of course I was interested in how this was done. I also remember trying to build my own adventure but it doesn't seem to be on this disk. It may be lost forever, which isn't a great loss, it's just something I've messed with when I was just a kid. I may have copied the disk before making any changes but I can't remember.

The Castle game seems to work, though I can't get through the second challenge (inside the castle, got shot by a fireball). Please note that you first need to load the data pages before the game works. If you don't do this first the game just resets the msx, or if you try to edit anything it will say 'Error on line 40'. Don't use initialize pages, this will clear all data I think. Better to keep a copy of the disk image around just in case.


Van imqqmi

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21-04-2017, 13:35

I forgot to mention that I've transferred the original disk, which is an inconvenient single sided 360KB disk to a more common 720KB double sided disk. In case anyone wants the original, please let me know. The only change is that there's a deleted file on the original disk *elledit, the star I think was a 'c' for celledit. Otherwise the contents are the same.
You can extract the disk contents using 7zip, which can be handy to access the data if needed. MSX formatted disks didn't work for this so I used one of my Amiga disks, formatted for PC, to tranfer the 360KB disk to 720KB, which seems to extract well using 7zip.


Van Manuel

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21-04-2017, 15:08


Castle adventure is what you mean, i think.

Van imqqmi

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21-04-2017, 16:38

Yep, it's called 'The Castle' on the disk I own but it's the same game Smile