MSX scene going banana's?

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Door kuuno

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29-05-2011, 20:37

Is it just me or is the msx scene goning banana's...
In my youth i only played on a msx 1 a few times.
Everybody I knew back then used a MSX 2 at minimum (or amiga 500 / atari ST).
I've never seen moonblaster / FAC music player been made available for MSX 1 nor any sunrise / compile magazine.
Never have I seen MSX 1 demos in the '80-'90s, only MSX 2, 2+ and TR (only a few).
Why-o-why is almost everything made now in MSX 1?
Can anybody please explain in pure logic, without bashing?
Are we now all so pure that msx software has to run on a casette because it's nostalgic?
Or are all skilled MSX 2, 2+, TR developers gone?
I'm not a programmer, nor have I been active for a long time in this scene.
Heck, I just got my TR ST I wanted so bad, but in the last 20 years almost no one made something explicit for it.
It's not that i'm disappointed in my TR. It's that i'm amazed that it almost seems there was no progression at all.
I'm even more amazed that, when I visited fair the last years (not many but a few), I mostly saw 2+ and TR machines..
Anyone here can explain this situation please? (again, no bashing)

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Van lionelritchie

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29-05-2011, 20:43

seasonal topic Big smile

Van hap

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29-05-2011, 20:49

The answer is simple:

Van hap

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29-05-2011, 20:53

And me personally: I didn't have an MSX2 myself until my late teens, and even then, I mostly had simple MSX1 games. So for nostalgic gamesplaying, I prefer MSX1. From a developer POV, I prefer MSX1 for its limitations, making programming more challenging than let's say a turboR or even a Windows PC.

Van kuuno

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29-05-2011, 20:59

@hap... so all progress is being managed by the msx dev competition?
I just read the rules of the competition... no one ever suggested that three categories would be beter for the sake of progression?
(MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+/TR?)
Dont get me wrong, I love the Bandwagon stuff but I never understood why MSX 1.

Van viejo_archivero

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29-05-2011, 21:08

The answer is simple:

No way! MSXdev contests are responsible of resurrect the MSX1 fun, but has nothing to do with the lack of actual MSX2 (or upper) releases. Look for the reasons by asking the MSX2 developers out there.

Van meits

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29-05-2011, 21:27

I guess the projects would be too big and ambitious for the guys (and girls?) to stick their scarce free time in it. Most of the guys of the nineties are dads with a job now...

Van Vampier

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29-05-2011, 21:32

did you know that spacemanbow would have been possible on an msx1 too (without the screensplit/smooth scroll)

Van sd_snatcher

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29-05-2011, 21:39

Thanks god someone else noticed it! I'm trying to workaround this by releasing Turbofixes, enhanced versions and HDD versions so high-spec MSX owners can enjoy their machines better. I hope you like those patches.

To me, it's harder and require more time to code anything decent on the MSX1 than on the MSX2/2+. The excessive limitations of the MSX1 require too much time to deal with them.

I have nothing agains those who like to code MSX1-only, but I always advocate for freedom. It just don't matter if a game is MSX1/2/2+/TR on a competition: If a game is good it will stand out regardless of the specs. Your IOZM is an excellent example of that. I would vote for it no matter if there was any MSX2+ 19268 colors not-that-good game competing with it.

Van kuuno

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29-05-2011, 22:30

@Meits, I agree, although i can imagine the thrill of the limits of the machine.

@Snatcher, I will try some of the patches later, curious how it works on the TR.
I agree of the voting. You like the product for the quality not the quantity.

@Vampire, why would Konami want to do that? At the time Spacemanbow was released MSX 2+ was on sale. Killzone 3 could
have been released on the PS2 as well, only the graphics would look less nice and only a handfull of ppl would buy it.

@viejo did you program IOZM? Cool, looks nice.

Van onetunafish

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30-05-2011, 00:53

As a MSX user/fan I also never understood the reasoning behind favoring msx1 so much.

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