Anybody collection X68000 games (slightly OT)

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Paladin (1012)

afbeelding van POISONIC

13-11-2003, 17:50

yess indeed

but theres one game thats not availble Nemesic90 & 94 are clones of the Nemesis 2 on msx! Big smile

they are not availeble for mame i guess

Van Zoopster

Supporter (10)

afbeelding van Zoopster

14-11-2003, 18:37

Playing these game on a real X68000 beats using MAME hands down. Why? Its hard to put my finger on it but the resolutions provided by the X68000 and Yamaha sound chip used by the system just make it a better experience in my opinion.

Hentai stuff (or for that matter any images not on my site - JCEC) are difficult to track down. The Japanese are notoriusly reluctent to host old disk images on their web sites. Not sure whether its because of stricter copyright laws or just cultural difference.



Paladin (1012)

afbeelding van POISONIC

14-11-2003, 22:40

i believe that!
it just like playing games on your real msx is more fun than playing it with an emulator

Van japancollector

Rookie (27)

afbeelding van japancollector

05-10-2005, 18:08

i am maybe the only x68000 user in the netherlands.And the x68000 rocks !!!.Its better than the arcade version.And it has the most beutifull gameboxes and manuals of any system ever made

The monitor of the x6800 is als television and computer monitor in 1.I have played the emulator.And when i recieve my x68000 ac hd.I was suprised the games had a lot higher revolution than the emu on the pc.I am a big fan of this computer

please dont compair it witch a cheap europian pirate computer like amiga.Yes there were conversion realesed on x68000(most arcade games) .But those people has get the rights.And has made by profesional company like dempa soft.Some of them better then the arcade version.By the way please compair it witch msx .I cant run 2 mb so i need to buy new computer in future .But the monitor was most exspensive to import

i think you better can compair fm towns witch amiga.But the problem is fm tows has also no illigal stuff on it.Only american games and few japanese but most american.The same witc pc-98.These are originail version.I think better to compair ibm computer witch this

x68000 is highest computer of the 80's ^^.But also exspensive it wasnt released in eu,us because peopel canot afford it here in that time

i am very intrest if there are more users ^^

sorry bad englis

by the way the genesis version is also conversion released bij sega .Capcom hasnt work on it

here more info about x6800 and some originail game !!.There is also very good games realesed on x68000 only:


Van Gilneas2

Master (235)

afbeelding van Gilneas2

05-10-2005, 23:02

I've got 1.5GB of X68000 games on my PC Tongue

Van BraK

Expert (99)

afbeelding van BraK

06-10-2005, 00:22

I really must have a look at this computer. I've already heard about it but didn't expect such great comparaisons with the MSX system.
Nice infos. Thanks guys !

Van Seldane

Rookie (26)

afbeelding van Seldane

31-10-2005, 14:42

I'm collecting X68000 games. I love the system, definitely my favorite. Smile

Van japancollector

Rookie (27)

afbeelding van japancollector

16-08-2006, 02:41

just like the msx the x68000 has also fan made games

some of the games are ported to the pc as freeware.If you are intrested in how powerfull the machine was check out these games

This is a type of kyohugen on the x68000 called chorensha 68k.I think its best fan made shooter for x68000. and an exelent windows port

and a port made by sprite of bsystem(darius ripoff XD)

Van sirpaul484

Rookie (23)

afbeelding van sirpaul484

16-08-2006, 03:20

I love the X68000 system, almost as much as I do the MSX. I definitely want to know just where the heck you got them, Gilneas2, and where the heck I can find them Tongue (Just kidding) . I just wish I can find a system for sale that is relatively inexpensive (between USD $50 and USD $200).

Van poke-1,170

Paragon (1783)

afbeelding van poke-1,170

16-08-2006, 04:58


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