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van Ivan op 04-06-2006, 17:11
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Source: HispaMSX

Just a few days ago we informed you about bgMSX, a new site dedicated to MSX music. Now bgMSX contains more than 250 songs from various MSX games like Nemesis 2, Nemesis 3, Penguin Adventure, SD Snatcher and Space Manbow amongst others. There's a section to upload your favourite MSX melodies.

Relevant link: bgMSX

Reacties (2)

Van norakomi

Paragon (1140)

afbeelding van norakomi

04-06-2006, 19:38

FANTASTIC !!!! i love it

Van jannone

Expert (103)

afbeelding van jannone

06-06-2006, 22:49

gotta love the Penguin Adventure soundtrack, awesome stuff!
brings a tear to the eye...