SMRC2 - #4: Dix: Main theme

van wolf_ op 02-01-2008, 12:18
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B.A. Baracus would say that MSX user Bart Roijmans (Low_Profile) is on the jazz! After releasing his Black Humour entry, less than a week ago, he now presents this challenge with another challenge entry! The main theme from Dix is a song originally made by Loek van Kooten from MSX-Engine (now Engine-Software). The equipment used for this entry isn't different from his previous entry: Renoise 1.9 for composing, a Roland Fantom-XR and various softsynths.

With other entries still under construction, this challenge seems to do well. If you wish to submit an entry, keep the deadline in mind: January 30, 23:59 CET 2008.

Happy listening!

Relevant link: Dix - Main theme

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ganz geil

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Zuper toll Man.

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Und wo sind Aurora und Prodatron hmmmm? Hannibal

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yes, this thread went bananas.. Tongue

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lawl... that's one big ass banana! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

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Nice remake Big smile