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van wolf_ op 15-06-2008, 13:05
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The website Passion MSX has published a large video of the Tilburg fair from 1995, made by Walter. It was the time when both the Dutch Tilburg and Zandvoort fairs were overwhelmingly huge compared to today's fairs, it was the time you usually couldn't have seen the whole fair in one day if you'd want to pay attention to all the booths, it was the time when the old scene legends made their products with the fair as deadline, MCCM was going strong, Sunrise was selling their fresh Graphics9000 and Moonsound hardware as well as the steady flow of games, music disks were highly popular, many local clubs were selling small productions, public-domain disks and small-scale Japanese import. It was the time of diskmagazines, home-made paper magazines, countless demodisks, international visitors, and long queues at the door to get in. How time flies..

Relevant link: Passion MSX - Tilburg '95 video (472.5MB)

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Van ro

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15-06-2008, 16:49

cool Smile

okay. lez drop names again. now, FINALLY there's a vid where I enter the scene... it's at 5:50. The pony-tailed guy with the blue shirt and crossed arms, thaz me. The guy next to the right of me (for the viewers on the left) is Alex vd Wal (savage). My friend and fellow coder of the fuzz. drop it like it's hot Smile

Van wolf_

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15-06-2008, 17:00

I wouldn't have thought so, Sav is easy tho, and a Yobi with hair (w000t!), tho I could've recognized you by the way you're standing with your arms over each other (a ro pose).

Van SolidEric

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15-06-2008, 19:53

Haha, finally also me on a msx-fair video!! From 10.37 till 10.57 we got filmed! Damn, I was young that timeLOL! By the way, I'm the one on the right site of the screen. With balloon Edwin van Eggelen and with the white pullover Vic van Agt.

Van Thom

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15-06-2008, 20:45

I've spotted myself, 5:35-5:44, far left part of the screen. Talking to a young Abi.

Van Whizzy

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16-06-2008, 13:06

Paragon also clearly visible with Leon en Martijn.. unfortunately i didn't show up in the movie QuestionCrying

Van Abi

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16-06-2008, 20:07

WHEEE finally me (and Thom) can be seen on a video, WOW, so cute Tongue