Bargain 6.60

van snout op 04-01-2009, 19:32
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A new version of Bargain has been released. Since we last reported about the tool, error messages were improved, support for interlaced images was added, the user-interface was improved, it has been optimized for speed and better compression and several bugs were removed.

Bargain is a lossless compression tool for MSX images in screen mode 5 upto 12. On the Bargain website, you can find the tool itself, the sources and a comparison of Bargain to other compression techniques and formats, such as LZH, GIF or MAG.

Relevant link: Bargain website

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Van snout

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04-01-2009, 19:32

question remains: who actually uses/tested this compression thingamabob?

Van enribar

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05-01-2009, 20:35

me! very interested in this tool, I can store more images and graphics into a floppy disk and, why not, into a ROM!

Van Nautilus

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06-01-2009, 02:14

Bargain is ultra cool, and the decompression times are really fast: