Alpha Mission remake for MSX?

van snout op 09-08-2011, 18:12
Onderwerp: Software

Source: Sharksym's MSX World

The Korean MSX developer Sharksym, known amongst others from his file manager M and the MSX emulator paraMSX, is working on a port of the SNK shoot'em-up Alpha Mission. The game was released in Japan for arcades in 1985 and for NES in 1986. In Japan the game carried a different title: Armored Scrum Object (ASO).

Sharksym has released footage of his work in progress on his YouTube channel. The most recent footage can be found right here. To run the game, an MSX turboR is required.

Relevant link: ASO test 3

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afbeelding van ARTRAG

09-08-2011, 18:39

MSXturboR required...
why? At this stage of development it looks very close to other games for plain msx2

Van Paulbrk

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afbeelding van Paulbrk

09-08-2011, 18:40

WOW!! it looks fantastic, please go on and make the game Smile

Van jltursan

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afbeelding van jltursan

09-08-2011, 18:55

Looks very promising!, specially this Test 3 footage.

As for now, there's nothing that needs a TurboR (splitting, vertical scroll, sprites, etc.); but he must have something in mind...maybe software sprites?

Van snout

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afbeelding van snout

09-08-2011, 19:28

This just in BGM player test.

As for the game being turboR only: I think we could do with a couple of high-spec releases. MSX1 was the main focus of (about) the entire MSX community for several years. It is and was great fun, and especially in MSXdev we've seen many great games released... but we shouldn't forget about the rest of the MSX legacy either. When have the specs of the turboR, MoonSound and GFX9000 (and particularly that combo) ever really been put to the test?

Van Paulbrk

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afbeelding van Paulbrk

09-08-2011, 21:14

My focus now is MSX2 or superior.

Van SLotman

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afbeelding van SLotman

11-08-2011, 08:13

Very nice!

Van kuuno

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afbeelding van kuuno

13-08-2011, 20:55

hurray! way to go, finally an game that is dedicated to the TR Wink