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17-09-2004, 23:25

Continuation of this newspost

After the well-received earlier editions of MSX Magazine, ASCII and the MSX Association have decided to extend the series with a 2004 edition. Currently, a lot of work is going on behind the scenes to once again produce an entertaining issue.

As some may know, last year's issue included a six page article on MSX outside Japan. Special attention was paid to three countries: the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil. Writing this article was only possible because of the kind cooperation of Nestor Soriano (Konami Man) and José Lucio Gama aka SLotman, who provided detailed information on the MSX situation in their countries. In this forum thread you can see some of the results of last years efforts.

The MSX Magazine team would once again like to introduce some 'foreign MSX computing' to the Japanese audience. This year, the focus will be on Russia and the Arabic countries.

Google, archived personal mail and books already produced quite a lot of fruitful information. Yet, some material is still missing, and the MSX Magazine 3 team would like to ask your help to fill the gaps.

First, the Russian section:

- could someone confirm the existence of games which support the
Yamaha classroom network?
- were there any Russian-specific peripherals released for the Russian
MSX machines (printer with the cyrillic characterset for example)?
Pictures are more than welcome.
- does anyone have a list of software produced in Russia? The MSX
Resource Center mailbox is wide open for Russian software which is
either declared freeware, or for which the contributing party holds
the rights.
- were there any publications in Russia about the MSX? If so, are
pictures of these books/magazines available somewhere?
- we would like pictures taken on Russian universities, usermeetings
etc. which are in some way related to MSX to include in the article.

The Arabic countries:

- high on our wishlist: any information on non-educational Arabic software for the MSX, such as games and utilities. We would sure like to get a copy of the software as long as this does not infringe the rights of the copyright holder.
- although some larger pictures are available on the net, the MSX Magazine team would very much appreciate clear, high-resolution photos of the various Arabic-language machines. We still don't have a picture of the Perfect machines suited for publication. Also, a shot of a Megadrive/MSX Hybrid machine in full action would be very much appreciated :-) .
- more photo requests:
1) clear pictures of Arabic MSX cartridges, both boxed and unboxed. We are still missing a high-resolution picture of the Koran cartridge.
2) pictures of Arabic language MSX magazines, brochures etc.
- our sources provide contradictory information. What was the name of the second firm marketing MSX in the Arabic countries other than Al Alamiah: was it Bawarth co. or was it a firm called Ba Khashwain?
- did Al Alamiah and its competitor operate in all Arabic-language countries, or were yet other parties involved?
- what is the complete story of the court case between Universal and Ba Khashwain mentioned by the MSX FAQ?
- finally, could someone please help us with our Arabic?
- Al Alamiah: universal
- Al Mithali: perfect
- Sakhr: ?
- Bawarth: ?
- Ba Khashwain: ?
- of course, we also welcome any other information which might be worth including.

Representing the MSX Magazine 3 team:

Sander Zuidema
Bernard Lamers

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17-09-2004, 23:29

Just a second, pictures are coming up Smile

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17-09-2004, 23:37

Another look at MSX Magazine 2: Right here

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17-09-2004, 23:55

I had some e-mail conversations in the past with users of Arabic MSX computers. Unfortuntely I could only found one e-mail back in my archive when I searched for it tonight! Here's an excerpt. If I find more, i'll let you know:

'Anyway, Al-Alamiah was the company that "manufactured" and distributed the
arabic version of the MSX computer. It didn't manufacture them itself, but
they were manufactured by a south east asian or japanese partner (sharp
maybe? I can't remember). The brand name for the computers that al-alamiah
produced was Sakhr. It was based in Kuwait, and then they moved their
headquarters to Egypt.

Today, they moved out of the manufacturing business and are more focused on
arabic software and technology research, in addition to providing a set of
very useful arabic web sites, that somewhat help in filling the gap in
arabic internet presence.

In addition to all the games available for msx and msx2, Al-Alamiah provided
alot of arabic cartridges. Very few and primitive games compared to the ones
produced by Konami and other game producers, but a large number of
educational and informational cartridges (religios, political, scientific,
you name it).

I had a huge set of them, but I left them in Jordan after I left. I am sure
they still exist in used software shops around the arab world, you just need
to know someone over there who can get you some.

Overall, I think MSX computers were very well engineered. Both in terms of
hardware and software. They weren't extensible though. They concerated more
on being user friendly and useful than being everything anyone wanted a
computer to be. This limited their ability to compete with the more generic
and extensible IBM PC, and hence they died a sad death Smile

ohh well...thanks for bringing back the memory and allowing me to talk about
my first computer.. I hope I helped :-)'

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18-09-2004, 00:11

And if you want to use the two picutres of my Al-Alamiah MSxes, it's OK to use them:

If you want me to take out the 'MSX games boX' thingy, let me know and I will make new pictures.

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18-09-2004, 10:04

Would it be possible to include in the magazine a short article about ObsoNET? Or at least a small advertisement.

Van Sonic_aka_T

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18-09-2004, 17:07

Well, I wouldn't know if ASCII does free advertising, but I guess they wouldn't mind reporting on something tangible... Would you consider making them a 'finished' cart with some software they could test? I'm sure they have a real MSX computer laying about somewhere, and being able to send an email or use and ftp is sure to get their attention. ObsoNET sure seems like something very much worth getting the focus on. I can't wait for the first emu that will emulate this feature. I for one, will definately try to make a multiplayer game for it!

Van Bernard

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19-09-2004, 07:25

To msxgamesbox:
If you want me to take out the 'MSX games boX' thingy, let me know and I will make new pictures.

Thanks for the offer. I would surely appreciate two new photos without the 'MSX games boX' logo. I'll make sure to fit your name in the credits section though :-).

To konamiman:

I will do my best to have some info on ObsoNET included in the upcoming magazine. However, please understand that I can't make any promises.

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19-09-2004, 10:39

I'll try to do this today ;-)

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19-09-2004, 12:10

There is a least one demo of a Russian game made by Eternal what is called Logic Blob, me and Roald Andersen have a copy of it. And you can find it also on the internet as well. However, in the demo the names of the people are mentioned and even a phonenumber but no emailaddress. I donot know if Roald has it, but I donot

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19-09-2004, 12:21

is better to give more attention to msx developers in these days (give a change to grow up) past is past , we r now living in the future to develop a new msx system. free advertising is a good idea! new msx system will be opensourge system right?

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