Make DSK image from protected floppy

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Van ro

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15-05-2012, 08:52

So, why don't some clever programmer create a perfect-clone proggy. I made protected disks in the past, there's several techniques. Like non-formatted sectors, extra tracks etc. Dunno much about emulation, but would it be THAT hard? Maybe it's the PC-diskdrive that's the problem? Else we could whip up a disk images system on MSX itself using a HD for storing that image Smile


Van Wolverine_nl

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15-05-2012, 10:20

It is possible to write protected/non-formatted sectors with a pc-diskdrive, so the reading part would also be possible. Dunno too much about this, but that would be kinda logic.

Van jltursan

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15-05-2012, 14:13

There're already several great clone tools for PC. Imagedisk and recently Samdisk are the most advanced and they can clone almost faultlessly any disk. Imagedisk only work in a pure DOS setup and Samdisk can work with modern OS. The later can also copy several protection schemes but mostly from Spectrum and Amstrad world. I've used it to clone MSX (standard) disks and it works.

Van Manuel

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15-05-2012, 19:59

ro: this is exactly what Wouter's tool does... it can dump disks with all known copy protections that exist on MSX.

Cloning standard disks is not an issue, but cloning disks with advanced copy protection schemes is!

Van wernerkai

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26-05-2012, 04:33

Nice... Gonna give Samdisk a try !
Big smile

Van Manuel

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26-05-2012, 09:24

Clone as in making a copy to another physical disk?

or do you mean making a disk image usable in emulators? The latter was the point...

Van mars2000you

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26-05-2012, 09:43

It lets me think that in some cases the trick is to copy first the original disk on another disk before making the image of the second disk in stead of the original disk.

Van Manuel

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26-05-2012, 09:51

That will definitely trigger any serious copy protection...

Van AxelF

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26-05-2012, 16:12

Hmm it seems that Sandisk nor Imagedisk can NOT create .DMK images (only RESTORE .DMK )
Is there a PC tool that actually can create a .DMK image from a floppysdisk ?

Van Manuel

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26-05-2012, 17:50

I don't know any, but as I said, Wouter is working on an MSX tool that can do it, which I am testing...

So again: which original disks should I try still? So far everything I tried was (in the end) dumped successfully and could be run on openMSX.

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