MSX newbie here with some IDE/CF questions

Door cr4zymanz0r

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28-03-2012, 17:42

I've tried to research things first before just running here to try to get someone to explain every single thing to me, but I can't seem to find some concrete info I need. Basically my situation is here in probably a week or so I should have a MSX2+ with 256KB RAM in my possession. What I'm thinking about doing is getting the MegaFlashROM SCC+ cart to load games to, and loading them from a CF card (or SD card if an adapter is readily available). Now before I just start buying hardware I want to make sure that everything will work like I think it will.

First off, I can find the MegaFlashROM SCC+ to purchase but I can't seem to find the MSX CF adapter to buy. I think i found Sunrise's website but I don't know if it's an older site or what because that wasn't listed as one of the products for sale. If a MSX SD card adapter exists then I would be fine with that too. I would like whatever looks the most elegant such as a cart that I put in the 2nd cartridge port in the back or something as opposed to me building something that's bare circuits and wires hanging out everywhere. Does anybody know where this can be purchased? I'd much prefer to buy one unit as opposed to buying an IDE adapter and then a IDE to CF adapter to stick onto that.

My 2nd uncertainty is how to use a CF or SD adapter once I get one. From what I understand I would need to use MSX-DOS2 and that my (soon to be) MSX has enough RAM for it. The part I'm unsure of is how I actually initially use MSX-DOS2 in the first place. Is it something that i'm required to burn to a ROM chip and mod into the MSX or will the functionality/ROM just be built into the CF or SD adapter? If neither of those are the case, can I just use a PC and some special program to write a MSX-DOS2 floppy boot disk to use?

My final goal once everything is setup is that with a CF/SD adapter connected I just want to be able to turn on the MSX and it boots up to MSX-DOS2 without use of the floppy drive. Then from there I can type whatever to load a ROM to the flashcart. Bonus points if there's a program that I can auto-boot to that will detect the ROMs and give me a list where I can just select one to load using a controller.

So to summarize, here's what I want to do. Buy a flashcart, buy a CF (or SD) adapter, put both in a cart slot (or wherever the CF adapter needs to go), do whatever software/partition setup that is required, boot from CF card/adapter (without a floppy disk being needed after initial setup) without any aditional hardware mods being required, then load games from CF to the flashcart. Is that possible? Please forgive me if any of this has been asked a bajillion times. I've tried looking around first and did find some useful information, but not enough to completely answer my questions.

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Van Manuel

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28-03-2012, 18:56

I think CF-IDE carts are out of stock, so try to get one 2nd hand...

The (CF-)IDE interface has MSX-DOS2 in its flashROM, so you just need the software part and that's all. You just need to boot with it, which will get you into Disk Basic 2.x. Then you can format a floppy and put MSXDOS2.SYS and COMMAND2.COM on it. Then you can put the IDEFDISK.COM on it, to initialize your CF-card. And then you can copy those 2 files onto the first partition and your MSX will boot MSX-DOS 2 from the CF card... Then do whatever you like with it Tongue

Does this help?

Van cr4zymanz0r

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28-03-2012, 19:26

Yes, that's basically what I wanted to know. Do you know of a good way to go about getting a CF cart 2nd hand though? Just post on the trading and collecting sub-forum here?

Van Manuel

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28-03-2012, 20:49

Try that first. Then check eBay and the Dutch site And keep an eye on all of them, I'd say.

Van sunrise

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29-03-2012, 12:41

MRC gives still the faulty link, but yeah that was to be expected.
However there are no cf interfaces at stock and there are no plans on short term for new ones

Van OeiOeiVogeltje

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30-03-2012, 21:05

i havet got any experience with erik van son sd interface

and i dont even know if they are still for sale but that would be my second try ...

 i just see there are none available anymore