SD Snatcher - The Peaceful Avenue remake

SD Snatcher - The Peaceful Avenue remake

van Jorito op 15-06-2012, 15:33
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A few weeks ago we reported on the MSX music remakes by TheMysteryStudios. TheMysteryStudios is a German MSX fan that started the "Tribute to MSX" project to remake some of his favorite MSX songs.

After Xak and Mr. Ghost, the next game to be graced with a remake is Konami's classic SD Snatcher. The song "Peaceful Avenue" is played during the game when you are fired from J.U.N.K.E.R. and go on an undercover mission. The version of TheMysteryStudios is a relaxed, soothing track with piano, saxophone and soothing choirs. As before, a recording of the original song is also available for comparison.

Relevant link: SD Snatcher - The Peaceful Avenue

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Van meits

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15-06-2012, 17:26

Yepp... Good thing...

Van MrRudi

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18-06-2012, 19:38

Beautiful, really well done...Sax must be an actual sax too cause I don't think you'll ever get it sounding this good with samples.