20MHz Z80 chipset with 512K SRAM, 64K EEPROM, V9958,AY-3-8912 etc...

Door lezanderson

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29-07-2012, 17:22

A practically complete Z80 20MHz Z84C0020 chipset is on ebay. Ideal for anyone wanting to design the own 20MHZ MSX microcomputer. The kit includes:

Z84C0020 CPU
20MHz Crystal
V9958 VDP
512K x 8bit SRAM
64K x 8bit EEPROM
512K x 8bit FLASH (can be used as floppy or mini hard drive)
Ay-3-8912 Sound Chip
EPM7128 CPLD (2500 gates) programmable logic PLCC84 68 I/O lines
EPM7064 CPLD PLCC44 32 I/O lines
ATF1502 CPLD PLCC44 32 I/O lines
Numerous connectors, Scart,DB9,DB25, PS/2 mouse/keyboard etc
7805 Voltage regulator
Switches/knobs etc
Copper PCB board , double sided.

Might be worth a look....

ideal for hobbyist or student wanting to design a 20MHz MSX 2 computer !!

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Van RetroTechie

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30-07-2012, 00:55

Sounds interesting, but a quick eBay search didn't turn up any kit with the above. Could you provide a link please?

Most if not all of those parts have been available on eBay for a long time btw, if you'd care to pay for it. Wink

Van Dirty Harry

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14-01-2015, 14:37

Look :


$50 is quite reasonable... they will replace any chips found DUFF as I've bought stuff from them before and found them OK.

Van Dirty Harry

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14-01-2015, 14:39