Z80 Board Design Course....

Door lezanderson

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14-09-2012, 13:38


I recently have done a short five week course on the Tatung Einstein Forum about designing a Z80 board (specs Below).

Z84C0020 20MHZ CPU
128K fast SRAM
64K fast EEPROM
V9958 VDP
AY-3-891x PSG

I was thinking of doing a similar course on the MSX forum... anyone interested please email or leave message.

The course can be downloaded at google sites :


For more information , I can be emailed at :


Best Regards


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Van Sky_hawk

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14-09-2012, 21:45

Just to let you know, if anyone would like to add nowind support to that (so you can connect the z80 board directly to your PC to host virtual disks) it would only require a few extra components (a flashrom, a ft245 and a little logic circuitry).
Also I would be willing to support debugging/getting the nowind part to work, if needed.

Van Fabf

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16-09-2012, 18:28

You've got mail Wink

Van Sky_hawk

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16-09-2012, 18:34

Fabf: me? I dont have any new email ? maybe its underway...

Van Fabf

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16-09-2012, 19:06

Sorry no, I've mailed lezanderson

Van mtn

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17-09-2012, 16:24

Hm, I might be alittle retarded from time to time, but I have problems finding that forum for Tatung Einstein computers? (yep, did google Smile

Anyways, this sounds interesting to me.

Van lkpalwa

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18-09-2012, 15:48

Just was I been looking for - waiting for more details
Big smile