Z80 Micro Part1

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17-09-2012, 18:20


Week 1, Part 1 , Z80 design.

You'll need datasheets, PCB software, possibly schematic layout software etc.

Eagle is good but the PCB part is limited, FreePCB is good to do board layouts.

This week we'll produce a basic z80 board, laying out components and placement.
And start to look at wiring up our basic Z80 design.

As everyone knows any computer consists of a minimum number of components :

Glue Logic CPLD EPM7128 or similar
Output Display V9958
Output Printer DB25 or Centronics
Input PS/2 keyboard

You should of downloaded and played around with some PCB software like Eagle or FreePCB. At first it will be a steep learning curve as you get your head round the software etc.

You don't need any components, If anyone produces a viable PCB layout I'll supply for free all the components needed to make a prototype board !! ... Yes really !!

Read THROUGH and follow part 1 of the design document.. !!

Don't get phased !!... the first week or so will be Very difficult as learning the software and getting your head around the task will be quite difficult.

Realistically you will only be anywhere near competent, ( using the PCB software and stuff) at the end of the five weeks..

Just take it day by day and week by week.... I'm still working on the Z80 document that will accompany the course..as it's still a work in progress !!

Any problems.. leave a message on the forum !

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Van Fabf

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17-09-2012, 20:36

Look very intersting but we already know how to build an MSX
We have a lot of service manual
Things very helpfull are Glue Logic CPLD EPM7128 and Input PS/2 keyboard
Let you continuing your course and I'm waiting thoses parts