Metal Gear Solid 4

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Van Akuma

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18-09-2005, 20:21

the strange things is though, that petrovich dies in mg2, but he's alive in snatcher. Then again, when did a Konami character really die? Wink

Yeah, Meryll dies in MGS (since Otacon is alive in MGS 2, 3 and 4 and you have to choose...) but later appears in Policenauts.

Snake looks quite -old- in the trailer. And Raiden is seen on the site with (Olga's) baby. Maybe in MGS4 snake dies and has to infiltrate heaven to get back his unborn baby from an evil priest...LOL!

Van Akuma

Rookie (18)

afbeelding van Akuma

14-10-2005, 13:49

BTW - Kojima confirmed that the MG's in the trailer are the Metal Gear Gekkou and that they are part machine, part organic. Maybe Guns of the Patriots will have a lot more Snatcher crossovers!?

Van Samor

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14-10-2005, 14:16

btw. about MGS, even if you save Meryl, Otacon still survives IIRC.
So I don't know if she's supposed to die or not...

Van poke-1,170

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14-10-2005, 14:28

as I said earlier, it's funny to see snake is getting older
kinda sad, no other goal in life I suppose then to fight forever

Van Akuma

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afbeelding van Akuma

14-10-2005, 16:01

@ Samor: In the cannonical story line, you'll resist Ocelots torture and thus saving Meryll; At the end of that version Otacon also survives. Since Meryll returns that is the true way the story will go on.

Van Randam

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14-10-2005, 19:25


And about Meryll surviving... Meryll did survive; Iirc something is mentioned about it in MGS2

Snatcher en Metal Gear franchises have several crossovers. But there are many discrepancies as well (even within the franchises).

For instance:

- In snatcher (msx and probably more japanese versions) Catreena is 14 years old. But on Sega CD she's an adult. Probably because of the shower scene, her being under age and the sexual inuendo.
- Snatcher (msx), Sd Snatcher and Snatcher (PSX) have different endings
- SD Snatcher's different side quests/ events.
- Metal Gear Ghost babel is in a alternate universe (some cross overs from MGS1 and some differences)
- etc etc

Look up some old posts on the now defunct They discussed the issue at great lengths back then... Though searching might be hard since they moved around some time ago... SadSad

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