TriloTracker beta thread.

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Van ImATrackMan

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18-05-2016, 11:50

I would love a way to somehow get my tunes to KSS.

nitrofurano wrote:

really good, it perfectly shows the potential of K051649 sound chip, and seems to take the most of it! Smile

I'm fond of calling it the YM2212P, personally.

Van Huey

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18-05-2016, 11:50

nitrofurano wrote:

btw, any clue about how to work with TriloTracker combined with other trackers like MilkyTracker somehow (like importing/exporting among both, or even using .vgm files somehow between the process)? - would be great if text-based file formats could be used too, that would be far easier to convert among them

Hi, There is some very buggy .xm import which no one ever uses. I think writing stand-alone converters might work better. I did make a text based pt3 converter for John when I was starting the work on TT. All info on the file formats for TT can be found on the TT Wiki.

Van nitrofurano

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18-05-2016, 21:14

@Huey thanks, and excellent! (anyway, if you have links of them, please share!) - btw, if it might be useful somehow, i tried to develop a .vgm to text-based tracker file on sdlBasic months ago, but they for now only works on ay-3-8910 and sn-76489 - (i think that the last versions are in the last posts! :D ) - i might have a k-051649 version somewhere that i can’t remember, i guess that the results are still far inaccurate when compared to ay-3-8910 and sn-76489

Van giangiacomo.zaffini

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04-07-2016, 15:10

Thank You T4N3. I will play it lound!

Van T4N3

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04-07-2016, 15:37

You might want to adjust the psg/scc balance to your likings, as it was done on blueMSX and therefore will have very loud PSG on anything else.

Van Pac

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04-07-2016, 18:26

Thank you so much for sharing your compositions. Nothing better than listen your music in real hardware. Step by step you will make a music pack even a music disk. ;)

Van Wild_Penguin

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04-07-2016, 19:36

Is there some bug(s) with playing PSG notes simultaneously?

I'm just starting to learn TriloTracker, and as I was inputting "Moonlight Sonata" into TriloTracker (just the first 5 measures or so) I noticed if I play from the beginning, it repeatedly leaves some notes unplayed, but if I play from middle of the pattern, it does not...

This is on 0.9.2 and I can reproduce this on my NMS8255 consistently...

Van Jorito

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03-08-2016, 20:34

So I finally got around to checking out TriloTracker a bit with the help of Gryzor's excellent starter pack from I would like to check out the instruments provided on disk 2 of the pack, but I can't get it to work.

Does anyone have the instrument files for me? Can be either a working .dsk or just the separate files :)

Van Jorito

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afbeelding van Jorito

03-08-2016, 20:55

LOL, to answer my own question... Disk 2 does work, but it's a DOS2 formatted disk with subdirs that didn't play nicely with my openMSX config. Fiddling with my openMSX config made me able to read it (probably forgot to add DOS2 to it or so...)

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