Finally, a MIDI2ASM...

Van mesiasmsx

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14-06-2013, 20:28

What is this one please?

Thanks in advance.

Van gargamel

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14-06-2013, 21:07

It converts MIDI files to Z80 assembly. Wink

Van MsxKun

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14-06-2013, 23:06

Umm.... can be useful. But I found even more useful the MIDI 2 Vortex Tracker converter Big smile

Van gargamel

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17-06-2013, 00:59

That's a bonus! Tongue

Van gasparrini

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02-07-2013, 18:00

How I can to used the programm for MIDI CONVERTER to PT3 for MSX in PSG chip??

Link: # Midi to Vortex Tracker via AutoSiril #

I wait your instruction.....
Best Ragards

Van nitrofurano

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16-08-2013, 12:53

Vortex Tracker is probably the very best chiptune editor i found - it saves files even in text format, and works fine on Wine! (i really wanted this on MilkyTracker, ModPlugTracker (works relatively fine on Wine), and others)