Anyone tried MSX emulator on PS Vita?

Door bazabaza

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20-09-2013, 09:06

I'm considering getting a psp to play MSX games on the go. I want to confirm if it is easy to install msx emulator on ps vita, if not, what's the latest model best suited for that? psp-1000,2000,3000, PSPgo?

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Van Fat_Boy_Moss

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21-10-2013, 05:44

PSP-3000; I recommend this model the most. 1000 isn't all to good for using third-party software. Never used a 2000.

My PSP has been messed up after an incident about a year ago. But it's still functional, the battery pack is just missing.
PSPgo is not all that good for much. It is alright, but there are a few flaws compared to the previous model.

I've never used, owned, or even played a Vita. I've held one though. The only reason I'd buy one would be to have to ability
to play Hotline Miami on the go. Otherwise, I'm sticking to my PSP-3000. There are a lot of emulators for the PSP, so finding one for MSX/MSX 2 should not be a problem. A google search might help you in those regards. Best of luck, pal. Smile

Van Vampier

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21-10-2013, 22:49

I got something much better Smile

Van Manuel

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21-10-2013, 23:41

I wouldn't go for PSP, as there are only fMSX based emulators on it available, it seems. They are fast, but not as accurate as blueMSX or openMSX based emulators.