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Door hondamsx

Champion (353)

afbeelding van hondamsx

13-10-2013, 19:10

Price 300 €. Interested write to


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Van meits

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afbeelding van meits

14-10-2013, 20:23

e-mail sent.

I finally want a turbo R Smile

Van meits

Scribe (6571)

afbeelding van meits

22-10-2013, 17:29

Now it's here Smile

Thanks a lot... It was here sooner than expected :)

Van SolidEric

Champion (332)

afbeelding van SolidEric

22-10-2013, 17:50

Congrats meits with your tr! One thing, why not a gt? Price? Or no need for midi cause it is already in the music module?

Van Marq

Champion (387)

afbeelding van Marq

22-10-2013, 17:57

ST is prettier and has a separate sound output port Smile

Van meits

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afbeelding van meits

22-10-2013, 19:09

Prettiness is debatable, but the machines no being available 24/7 and for a fair price made me less picky.
But this seperate sound output RCA is indeed the feature on this machine which makes me happy it wasn't a GT.
I don't (and won't) miss the GT MIDI. I don't really need the obscure programs that support it and I've heard the MT32 noise coming from Illusion City (and then agian, I don't even have this obsolete synth Tongue)...
The MIDI interface in the Philips Music Module is ok for me... MIDI PAC is even important to me...

Van Pac

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afbeelding van Pac

22-10-2013, 19:41

Congratulations! You don't belong to the MSX2+ owners club anymore. We are becoming less... Wink

Van meits

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afbeelding van meits

22-10-2013, 19:47

I own a Pana 2+ as well, and will not sell it Wink

Van yzi

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afbeelding van yzi

22-10-2013, 20:07

Congratulations! The turbo R is The Machine.

Van meits

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afbeelding van meits

22-10-2013, 22:10

In the meanwhile it looks like this:

since the spacebar's metal pin is missing... Got some more spare pana keyboards lying around so with some trial and error I bet I can have the grey keyboard up and running again :)


Paladin (864)

afbeelding van WORP3

22-10-2013, 22:32

Really nice Big smile

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