Game Music Cover Challenge - Results

Game Music Cover Challenge - Results

van wolf_ op 14-05-2014, 22:39
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It's taken a while, but here they are: the jury report and conclusions of the first MRC Game Music Cover Challenge! Let's not wait much longer and move the analysis towards the end.

The results:

  1. Golvellius 2 Medley by Bart Roijmans
  2. Vampire Killer - Number of the Beats by Jorito
  3. Undeadline - Opening Theme by Bart Roijmans
  4. Space Manbow - Beyond the Battleship by Jorito
  5. Rune Master 3 - Journey to the Three Kingdoms by Jorito
  6. Illusion City by Destroy the Core!
  7. The Treasure of Usas - Ending by TheMysteryStudios
  8. Xak II - Opening Sequence by Meits
  9. Nemesis 2 - Opening by Gryzor 87
  10. Nemesis - Roz in Space Mix by Roz
  11. Wanderers from Ys - Feena's Premonition by Jorito and Meits
  12. Salamander/Starquake - Lizard Star by Omega
  13. F-1 Spirit - Hot Summer Riding by yzi
  14. Cobra's Arc - Main Theme by FranSX
  15. Chicago’s 30 by FranSX
  16. La Corona Encantada - Main Theme by FranSX
  17. Wells & Fargo - Main Theme by FranSX
  18. Desperado by FranSX
  19. Sweet Acorn - Not so sweet by ewsnatcher
  20. Roadfighter - From Start to Finish by Duren

So, the gold goes to Bart Roijmans for his Golvelius entry. With a very small difference, the silver position goes to Jorito for The Number of the Beats. The bronze position goes once again to Bart Roijmans for Undeadline. These scores represent the average of ratings from Wolf (from the land of windmills and legal drugs), Oscar Centelles (from the land where angry bulls run through the streets) and Danilo Danisi (from the land of pizza, pasta and mandolino).

The rankings from these three jury members were roughly comparable with each other, give or take a few entries. For instance, the ratings for the Nemesis tune by Roz ranged from very low to very high. A few other entries also diverged a bit, but less extreme. One could say that the ratings of the center entries fluctuated the most compared to the stable extremes. Then again, such is life anyway.

Actually, the numer four position is Jorito once again, just like the fifth position, meaning that the top 5 consists of only two composers. It's one of those remarkable trivia that someone's going to remind you about in ten years time.

Congratulations to the winner and a big thank you to all contestants. The comments of the jury can be read in this forum topic.

Relevant link: Game Music Cover Challenge - Detailed Report

Reacties (24)

Van Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1802)

afbeelding van Jorito

14-05-2014, 22:43

Congrats, Bart! And until next time, since I'm already breathing down your neck Smile

Great challenge, had lots of fun! Also thanks to the jury for their detailed report; it's a lot of fun to read the reports while your are listening to the tracks.

Van meits

Scribe (6571)

afbeelding van meits

14-05-2014, 22:44


Van syn

Prophet (2133)

afbeelding van syn

14-05-2014, 23:57

congratz to the winner... maybe ill participate next time Wink

Van Omega

Master (233)

afbeelding van Omega

15-05-2014, 12:15

Congrats to all participants for giving us 20 new MSX covers! Smile

Van ro

Scribe (5057)

afbeelding van ro

15-05-2014, 15:10

Well done all contestants, truly all winners. go Holland! Smile For me Jorito's Runmaster3 track was the most enjoyable one. let's pop one, shall we!

Van edoz

Prophet (2501)

afbeelding van edoz

15-05-2014, 16:21

Hi wolf_ thanks for this update Wink I collected all the MP3 files and playing them in the new SymbOS release Wink
BDW: Its good to see your back again on MRC Wink

Van luppie

Paladin (869)

afbeelding van luppie

16-05-2014, 09:43

Also downloaded all songs to play it in my car while going to work.
The nr.1 is like I'm listening to a classical concert, a deserved winner. Would like to hear that one i a real concert hall Big smile

Van Low_Profile

Champion (425)

afbeelding van Low_Profile

17-05-2014, 23:06

Cheers guys!
Had a blast remaking as usual, hopefully some regular 'non-challenge' remakes in the near future coming up Wink

btw, I gave up checking daily for news on the results a while ago, so I'm a bit late to the party Tongue

And yesh, *insert dr-claw from inspector gadget voice* until next time Jorito... next time!!
Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Van Konamito

Paragon (1041)

afbeelding van Konamito

18-05-2014, 15:41

Contratulations to all participants. The tunes are amazing. I have all of them in my iTunes Library in order to listen to them everywhere.

Van meits

Scribe (6571)

afbeelding van meits

18-05-2014, 17:57

A little while before the challenge opened I released this tune on Youtube... That disqualified the tune as an entry... It will be submitted as a regular download though.
But Bart, what tune would've been your choice if this particular tune already got submitted :)

BTW, I used the kss as example. That way I had the whole tune at my disposal :)

Van Low_Profile

Champion (425)

afbeelding van Low_Profile

18-05-2014, 18:46

Lol... I probably wouldn't have made my Undeadline Cover if yours was an entry Smile... So I'm grateful, because I had almost no idea for a 2nd entry anyway Wink

Van Low_Profile

Champion (425)

afbeelding van Low_Profile

30-05-2014, 23:18

"'ll be in the race for the title and a nice prize which we will announce later!"

So, now the dust has settled... What is this mysterious prize hmm, or will it be announced even later? Wink

Btw, itching for doing a new remake, but can't decide on which game or tune to do next... any requests?

Van anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

afbeelding van anonymous

01-06-2014, 22:48

Bart, the Firebird ENDDEMO of course!

It consists of multiple parts which I really would like to have connected in a low_profile arrangement :) :)

But then again, it's just a suggestion ;)

Van snout

Ascended (15187)

afbeelding van snout

05-06-2014, 13:54

Bart, you should have received an e-mail about the prize(s) you won, being an MSX T-Shirt and your pick from the MRC Prize Package, which currently consists out of...

- Be-Bop-Bout (disk only)
- Nosh (ANMA)
- Pixess (Compjoetania)
- Realms of Adventure (Umax)
- Salamander (cartridge only)

Yay! Smile

Van meits

Scribe (6571)

afbeelding van meits

05-06-2014, 15:14

If I were Bart, I'd choose Pixess Big smile

Van Low_Profile

Champion (425)

afbeelding van Low_Profile

05-06-2014, 15:20

@Latok I'll think about it! Firebird has some awesome tunes obviously Wink

@Snout Yay indeed! Big smile

@Meits LOL, just in case I don't have enough copies of those yet, right? Wink

Van meits

Scribe (6571)

afbeelding van meits

05-06-2014, 20:21

about your question what to cover next...
how about a remix or of the intros of xak1 and gazzel? or do them seperately Wink
Both have never been done (very well) but they do deserve it...

Van Grauw

Ascended (10820)

afbeelding van Grauw

06-06-2014, 09:28

Mr. Ghost!

Van Grauw

Ascended (10820)

afbeelding van Grauw

07-06-2014, 15:26

Aleste 2! Psycho World!

Van Randam

Paragon (1431)

afbeelding van Randam

07-06-2014, 16:48

Well done to all who took part. Excellent tunes were made for this contest!!

Van Low_Profile

Champion (425)

afbeelding van Low_Profile

07-06-2014, 19:07

We did Mr. Ghost on arranger 1 already, but then again... I also remade songs from Firebird, Xak 1, Tower of Gazzel and Aleste 2 before Big smile

Hmm... gonna check out all the soundtracks again to see which one appeals to me the most at this time Smile

Van Latok

msx guru (3959)

afbeelding van Latok

08-06-2014, 00:14

I didnt propose firebird ending for nothing. It hasnt been covered yet Smile

Van meits

Scribe (6571)

afbeelding van meits

08-06-2014, 03:33

ey... it just hasn't been released yet... covered it is Wink

ah well... on/for MSX that is... Big smile

Van JohnHassink

Ambassador (5684)

afbeelding van JohnHassink

08-06-2014, 03:39

For Klaas, Meits? By Vroemmie?