How to get rid of vibrating picture in HD TV

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29-09-2014, 17:22


I have an MSX SVI 728 and i have it hooked to a Samsung HD TV, the picture is vibrating and i get a headache when I'm playing games with it. I am wondering is there any easy way to get a better picture. I don't want to use an old CRT TV /Monitor because i don't have room for them and they are pretty ugly Smile


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01-10-2014, 08:30

I had a similar problem.
first was a vdp problem. look at this
After i wanted to use msx via hdmi instead of scart.
I solved with a good ligawoo scart to hdmi converter bought on amazon

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01-10-2014, 12:29

SVI 728 is MSX1? If so the provided link is not the same problem. The filter fix was only applied and tested on a V9958.

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01-10-2014, 12:37

SVI-728 has the 'normal' MSX1 VDP, while its big brother (SVI-738) is a MSX1 with the MSX2 VDP.

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01-10-2014, 15:19

So if i understood correctly i should get a good ligawoo scart and a hdmi converter and that should help? The other stuff was a bit far out for me, I'm not that technical. Thanks a lot for the replies i will try this and get back to you and tell you how it worked.