Messing around with Hombrew DIY electronics ?

Door lezanderson

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17-10-2014, 15:58

For anyone interested in messing around with Electronics / DIY Hombrew computers.. this might be of interest ?

Probably cheaper than buying the ICs separate which can be expensive. And obviously you've got ebay money back guarantee which gives some sort of reassurrance.

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Van CX5Mer

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19-10-2014, 13:17

There are lots of similar items that come up often. I was told by an electronics expert that these so called kits aren't really suitable for building an MSX or any Z80 based computer. I don't know much about electronics, so I'll have to take his word for it. Here's his site with instructions on how to make a Sinclair ZX80 replica . My ambitions include making an SD card reader for MSX computers.