7 Mhz issue and diskdrive issue

Door Sky_hawk

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22-10-2014, 20:09

I've got a 8235/00 with DOS2, 7Mhz and 1MB RAM and 64KB SRAM (custom) in it.
When I turn on the 7Mhz, the video (RGB) is distorded very slightly, but still annoying, it kind of looks like a very small vertical sinus distortion any ideas how to solve this?

I also has a DS-drive that is 5volt only, where the original SS-drive was 5+12v. if the head-position motor turns on, the screen is even more distorted, by kind of in the same way.

Any ideas are welcome.

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Van Manuel

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22-10-2014, 22:13

Wasn't this due to a too big load on the 5V? I've heard about it before. I guess you need to fix up the PSU to support more stable (and more power on) 5V. Probably was described on the forum earlier.

Van Zilogger

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26-10-2014, 15:52

The distortion when using the FDD is a common thing when build a PC FDD (5 Volt only)
in a VG 8235/20 and a NMS8245 without using an extra 7805 to Power Supply the FDD only.

Van Sky_hawk

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01-11-2014, 22:33

I've tried a 7805, and it works ok, but it causes a lot of heat (obviously, because it has to dissipate (12-5)*1A = ~7 watts at full disk activity) and there is very little room for a cooling fin inside a 8235/45.

I solved this using a DC-DC converter,


It is an incredibly cheap and very effective device. It basically converts any input voltage between 4.5 and 28 volt to a adjustable output voltage. I have set it to 5 volt and it works like a charm! I used a scope to monitor the output voltage during heavy disk usage, it has a ripple of < 100mv which if fine for a diskdrive.

Anyway, no more nasty interference in the video anymore, I'm very happy with this result...