Looking for Fast Disk roms

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Van Daemos

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afbeelding van Daemos

05-11-2014, 23:08

I am surprised about the bad experiences because I only have good experiences with Bas

Van mtn

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afbeelding van mtn

06-11-2014, 00:11

I bought a machine from him this year, and I have only good things to say! (except that he seems to be very busy so things might take time..(but definately worth waiting for Smile)

Van Retrofan

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afbeelding van Retrofan

06-11-2014, 07:51

Daemos wrote:

I am surprised about the bad experiences because I only have good experiences with Bas

I never had bad experiences with Bas, but strangely he doesn't answer my e-mails. Maybe he doesn't check his spam filter? Anyway, this costs him customers if they don't get a reply... You also could try Daniel from Spain. Very kind seller and fast response.

Van CX5Mer

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afbeelding van CX5Mer

06-11-2014, 16:18

I only recently heard of Bas, but he still hasn't replied to my email after nearly 11 days. His site says I must send an email before buying a computer from him. I don't know what would happen if I tried to buy without getting a reply from him first. I'll try sending another email. I'll also try Daniel from Spain.

Van Guts

Expert (87)

afbeelding van Guts

06-11-2014, 19:09

Some years ago I also buy nice MSX items from Bas, But last year I try to order a fast disk rom for my VG8235. At some point I get no response any more. So after I got my Eprom programmer for my "another" home computers. I was thinking that I can also make DD/fast disk eprom for my VG8235, but I only need the files. Only I can't find the files on the net.

Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

06-11-2014, 19:28

Mmmh, maybe stop discussing this publicly. I also do not always respond to mails immediately (especially if it requires some action), and it’s easy to forget about it once it is no longer in the front of the mailbox. And then there’s also spam filters that can cause a mail to get lost. I wouldn’t like it if this was discussed publicly. We’re all hobbyists, we all have busy lives Smile.

Just send a friendly reminder and have some patience. Or try contacting someone else.

Honestly, unless you’ve paid for a product but did not receive it, and there is no willingness to resolve the problem privately, you really have no right to complain. Nobody’s under any obligation to serve you.

p.s. I recently ordered a pair of drive belts and got a reply within 7 mines, and it was shipped within a week. So no complaints from me.

Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

06-11-2014, 19:36

So, you’re looking for the ROM image. Maybe someone who has a fast DiskROM can dump it for you.

Van Guts

Expert (87)

afbeelding van Guts

06-11-2014, 20:31

If some can do that that will be great Wink
I want to play with my new toy and to fix my VG8235, with a DD/FAST disk rom Big smile

Van marcoo

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afbeelding van marcoo

07-11-2014, 13:55

Bas have another job too he runs a shop "eye for bricks" he's very Busy wint it

Van Repair-Bas

Paragon (1175)

afbeelding van Repair-Bas

07-11-2014, 14:14

I do not understand thos whole situation.
I am alive, i have a hobby, msx ofcourse. I have my own shop, eye for bricks.

I always read my mails, or listen my mails with the program supernova.

I am going to nijmegen too. I also eat there Chinese food.


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