WANTED: MSX 2 computer

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11-02-2006, 14:24


I have wanted an MSX2 computer for a long time now, and I think it's time for me to get one. I would want a system that can play diskettes (because I have already bought some games for MSX2).

What do I need to play... let's say -- the Ys games. In full speed (60Hz) and with correct Japanese characters?

I guess I should get a Japanese system, but I have a question regarding that: is the keyboard in Japanese? Or does it contain romaji (regular characters -- ABC, etc.)?

Also, would it be better to get an MSX2+ or TurboR?

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11-02-2006, 14:48

its look like you want a japanese system, turbo r is expensive, msx2+ would be your best option (110 volt power supply, 60 hz, and kanji roms), maybe wait for a ebay auction from rklok...they go around 100 euro, also there are a few msx2 japanese panasonic also, but there not that common

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11-02-2006, 16:38

Japanese MSX's do have normal ABC keys so that's no problem.

But when you buy a japanese MSX2/2+ you will probably need some extra main ram, because most of them only have 64kb and most european games require 128kb.
You can buy an external memory expansion, or expand internal but that will cost extra.
If you go for a turbo-R you'll have at least 256kb in a standard ST or, even better, 512kb in a standard GT.

Keep this in mind when you're bidding on a MSX2+Wink

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14-02-2006, 17:34

Okay, I guess MSX2+ and Turbo R are too expensive for me. I was hoping for a somewhat cheap (starter) system. I haven't used an MSX before so I'd like to start out easy. Are all MSX2 computers expensive?

Van Abi

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14-02-2006, 17:45

For a good start i advise a Philips MSX2 or a Sony MSX 2.
They are european MSX2 systems and not that expensive.
You can get one from Ebay for around 50 euros.
they got 128kb of ram (exept the Sony 900x and 500x, they got 64kb)
For a little more you can get a Sony MSX2 700x, they got 256kb ram as standard.
Good luck!
ps. they are 220V !!
In mine opinion there are not much MSX games that uses the Kanji rom!
On a european MSX2 you will see a white bar insteat of japanese text. (Burai2 for exaple)

Van Seldane

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14-02-2006, 18:16

I live in Europe, so 220v sounds good. But .... it won't run in 60Hz at all, will it?

How about Ys? Does it use KANJI.ROM? Wink

Van Abi

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14-02-2006, 18:19

iirc it runs also on 60Hz
You can give also a command in basic to set you MSX into 60HZ
About YS serie, there is a english translation too.

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14-02-2006, 18:33

When there are no MSX-2 computers on Ebay, then you can check this site;
He always has computers in stock. I prefer a Sony 700, that is a very good machine to play with