code to read input from tape?

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25-05-2015, 01:54

I want to upload games from pc to msx1 using caslink I found cable at a recycle shop that doesn't sit securely in I have to move it in certain angle to hear csave. But how to verify that msx is hearing any sound from pc ?

It cannot load anything i play to. So i want to find the problem. First i need to check if msx is hearing a sound. Is there a basic code or machine code to use to read signal?

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Van giangiacomo.zaffini

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25-05-2015, 02:03

Why don't You just types some BASIC lines and save them to tape with save"cas:FILENAME" ?

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25-05-2015, 05:08

I'm trying to check if MSX hearing any sound via the cable that is connected to PC and MSX. save cas works to send the sound. but I'm trying to do the other way.
I want to test load"cas:",r playing sound from my PC to msx via the cable, load"cas:",r not being able to pick up anything. but I'm not even sure if there is any sound reaching MSX. there are a lot of reasons why MSX not picking anything. one of them is the cable might be bad, but how would I know. that's my question. I want to eliminate this possibility

so is there any program , peek, machine code that I can use to read the signal from cassette port?


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25-05-2015, 06:11

Hmm... Try something like this:

10 A$="F3067F210000DBAAA0045F3E0ED3A0DBA2A0B3D3AA2B7CB520F5C9"
20 FOR I=0 TO &H1A:POKE&HC000+I,VAL("&H"+MID$(A$,I*2+1,2)):NEXT
40 A=USR(0):IF STRIG(0)=0 THEN 40

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25-05-2015, 06:48

Thanks, man! that is amazing help. I appreciate it Smile

seems the cable pin out is not compatible with MSX. I guess I have to make my own or buy one off ebay

Van djh1697

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25-05-2015, 17:13

why not build one? the FAQ contains the pinout? There is no need for an 8pin connector a 7pin one will do