Need your opinion regarding GR8NET capabilities

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Van Wolverine_nl

Paragon (1160)

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20-07-2018, 10:47

Hello DarkSchneider,
You can save the mapper mode.
from the manual:
"The difference between NETTGTMAP and NETSETMAP is that former will cause adapter to
restart machine in target mapper mode when machine cold-starts. The values set by
TGTMAP is preserved by NETSAVE command to become in effect on next cold boot. :"
so using NETTGTMAP is the way to use mapper mode to be set after machine is turned off and the next day you want to be ready to go when turning it back on. Smile
I have this option in GR8CFG and it is part of the _NETCFG (if i recall)

Van DarkSchneider

Paladin (1019)

afbeelding van DarkSchneider

20-07-2018, 10:58

OK nice then. Thanks.

Van DRomero

Expert (126)

afbeelding van DRomero

20-07-2018, 16:52

Thanks Eugeny, as a proud owner of a GR8NET all i can say this is a great piece of hardware, perfect.

Van ToriHino

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afbeelding van ToriHino

20-07-2018, 21:54

I agree, this is really one of the best expansions for your MSX.

Van Eugeny_Brychkov

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afbeelding van Eugeny_Brychkov

14-09-2018, 08:21

Good news, new GR8NET firmware (update.bin, 20180912) is published. It has video player improvement and changes, now it can properly play videos on TMS VDPs (MSX1) as well as on machines with extra wait states! (but it requires video file made with TMS palette). Check video directory on the server. I also have issue reported by JohnFante fixed (error loading RAM disk image). Manual is also updated and uploaded - you can see changes of it at its very end in revision history chapter.

Van Wolverine_nl

Paragon (1160)

afbeelding van Wolverine_nl

14-09-2018, 09:09

Great work Eugeny Smile

Van luppie

Paladin (869)

afbeelding van luppie

14-09-2018, 09:57

Tnx Eugeny for your continious development.

Van JohnFante

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afbeelding van JohnFante

14-09-2018, 11:04

Great work as allways :-)

Van Eugeny_Brychkov

Paragon (1232)

afbeelding van Eugeny_Brychkov

19-09-2018, 21:20

Small update: I modified MOONBLAS.DSK file at and now it runs GR8NET identification and initialization routine before player starts - it detects mono/stereo and configures mixer appropriately, and fakes MSX-Music ROM into RAM. Thus no more callnetsetmix and defusr's. It will configure your gr8net for you.

Let me remind you how to run the images: turn machine on, and press F2 and F4 and hold these keys. It will invoke the browser, and then you press first letter "m" to go to first file (link) named with letter "m". Then you press space key on the file, and it starts loading. After it finishes loading, image should start.

When running the player, do not forget, in addition to music file, to load sample kit with MBK extension. I prefer MBMUZAK2, but image also has SAM3 with slightly different ADPCM sounds.

Van Eugeny_Brychkov

Paragon (1232)

afbeelding van Eugeny_Brychkov

08-10-2018, 09:04

I decided to go the following route: now you have gr8cloudserver application designed in .NET Core and runnable on Windows as well as Linux. Please see new version of uploaded manual (closer to its end, use ^F to search through it).

Karloch has build Docker container image, his post is here.

Bug reports and feedback are welcome.

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